Our Favorite Cannabis Logos and Branding Designs

By Liam Noonan


Gone are the days where every cannabis logo you saw featured some form of a weed leaf or trippy stoner cartoon art. 

Nowadays, elegant branding that fits your target demographic goes a long way in determining the overall success of your brand. You need to stand out from the crowd and a great logo can help you do just that. 

Continue reading for a full review of our favorite cannabis companies based solely on their branding and logo designs.

image of lowell farms packaging

Lowell Farms (Previously known as Lowell Herb Co.) is one of the most recognizable cannabis brands in California and the logo is far and away one of our favorites. 

Their overall look takes users back to the early days when hemp was a vital agricultural crop, medicine, and social tonic. Lowell Farms celebrates these artisanal roots with packaging that’s equal parts elegant and rustic. 

Their pre-roll packs come carefully encased in plastic-free materials and feature a handy little pack of matches. We also give them a nod for their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. 

It’s no surprise Lowell boasts California’s top-selling pre-roll with their flower, oil, and concentrate segments growing fast. Visit the website to learn more about the brand and where to find their products.

image of houseplant seth rogens brand packaging

Everybody loves Seth Rogen and so far it seems like everybody loves Seth Rogen’s weed brand, Houseplant. The company offers luxury smoking goods as well as premium cannabis. We love their simplistic font-driven logo and retro 70’s style branding package. All of the design details in everything from their website to the IG feed are clean yet full of bold character. 

At the end of the day, Houseplant claims their brand is “For people who love weed, by people who love weed.” From a branding standpoint, this claim rings true. We’re a big fan of their minimal aesthetic mixed with large blocks of retro color. Visit the site to learn more about Seth Rogen’s weed brand enjoy the beautiful web design.

This California tablet and sublingual brand is one we’ve had our eyes on since they launched a couple of years ago. Level is science-driven cannabis company working hard to stay on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research and innovation. More specifically, they pride themselves on creating unique, targeted effects-based cannabis products by formulating cannabinoids in ratios not accessible from the plant alone.

In our opinion, the packaging and brand identity for the Level brand meshes beautifully with their innovative science-first product offering. 

images of papa's herb vape packaging

Papa’s Herb boasts a classic logo and brand that’s bound to be a fan favorite for years to come. They try to embody the legend of Papa, the king of Miami back in the ’80s. When you needed weed in South Beach, Papa was the plug and you always knew he had the good stuff. The company honors Papa’s legacy today by offering quality cannabis from hundreds of OG farms within the Emerald Triangle. 

If you follow weed culture at all you’ve probably already heard of Cookies. They may not claim the most technical logo out there, but you can’t deny the power and reach of this powerhouse weed and lifestyle brand. The light blue logo and branding create a fun and inviting atmosphere created by the one and only Berner. 

image of korova cookies packaging

Korova is another longstanding California cannabis brand known for their potent edibles as flower, extracts, and vapes. They have far and away one of our favorite logos featuring a psychedelic cow with a third eye. 

photo of bloom farms products and packaging

Founded in 2014, Bloom Farms is a Northern California cannabis brand with a top-selling line of vapes. We love their weed leaf-inspired logo paired with a mix of subtle earth-toned colors and packaging. 

photo of medmen workers in the red logo hoodies

MedMen started in California with the goal of becoming the premium destination for legal cannabis and leading a movement to destigmatize the plant. They now have 25+ adult-use stores in 6 States across the country including California, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, NY, and Florida. The brand is hard to ignore with its signature red and white colorway as well as beautiful Apple Store-like retail locations.

marley natural logo

Marley Natural is a premium product line of herb and smoking gear crafted with genuine respect for nature’s nourishing benefits. All of their flower, accessories, and body care products are responsibly sourced and a direct reflection of the Marley ethos. This aesthetic shows through in the design of products, branding, and packaging. 

We really like the logo featuring a hand-drawn M and golden lion. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find better-looking rolling trays and pipes. Check out their website to learn more.

tokyo smoke logo

Tokyo Smoke markets itself as an award-winning, design focused, legal cannabis retailer based out of Canada. The company is owned and operated by one of Canada’s largest public Cannabis companies in Canopy Growth. This brand makes our list for a design that gives off an international flair. This is made clear in their branding design, packaging, logo, and carefully curated retail spaces. 

If you live in California and consume cannabis, you’ve probably had a Kiva chocolate bar or two. Their sustainable cardboard packaging on their original bars is instantly recognizable on dispensary shelves. Kiva also manufactures the Lost Farm product line that features gorgeous trippy packaging with an adventurous twist.

wana edibles logo

Wana Brands boasts the #1 selling edible line in all of North America. What sets them apart from the competition is a commitment to consistency and the ability to provide the same great high every single time. Wana doesn’t necessarily excel in the packaging and branding space, but we like their clear design and simple weed leaf logo. The no-frills branding follows along with a commitment to quality over gimmick. 

goodship brand packaging

The Goodship is one of the only CBD brands we put on this list and for good reason. The Goodship logo and overall branding look are whimsical and fun. Even their website is gorgeous and expertly crafted. If you’re looking for CBD high-end CBD chocolate and mints, The Goodship is a great option. To be honest, we’d probably buy some just for the packaging alone. 

photo of willies reserve products

Willie’s Reserve is a brand founded and led by singer-songwriter Willie Nelson. As an advocate for legal cannabis, Nelson became a weed icon and was beloved for his “My Stash is Your Stash” ethos. The Willie’s Reserve brand pays tribute to the legend of Willie and sharing the best of the best cannabis. 

Their overall branding, logo design. and packaging fits like a glove with old-school wild-west lettering and minimal yet beautiful details. Check out their website to learn more about the brand and what they offer.


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