The Big List of Cannabis Staffing Agencies

By Liam Noonan


Staffing is at the forefront of issues business owners face in the competitive legal cannabis industry. This is especially true after COVID-19 greatly affected hiring trends in the U.S. and across the world. Whether you need short-term staffing or are looking to fill an executive-level position, there are staffing agencies that can do it for you. 

Planning on expanding your business, but don’t yet have the time or resources to hire the right people for the job? Continue reading for our list of some of the largest and most well-known cannabis staffing firms in the United States.

1. Vangst

vangst staffing orange logo

Vangst is a nationwide cannabis staffing agency with offices in Denver, Oakland, and Los Angeles. They boast one of the fastest-growing networks of quality cannabis talent with over 150,000 active and qualified candidates. With Vangst, you can find reliable employees for a range of positions from entry-level all the way up to the executive suite. Every candidate is vetted and pre-qualified by the agency, which means your business won’t have to worry about flaky applicants without the right experience. 

Vangst also offers temporary cannabis staffing. Companies simply need to add the job postings to the Vangst GIG Board. If you’re looking for top-level reliable talent 

2. Cannabiz Team

cannabiz team staffing logo

Cannabiz Team is one of the most well-known staffing services in the industry. They boast a large team of recruiters who are committed to partnering with legal cannabis organizations and helping them build strategic leadership teams. Not only does Cannabiz help the companies they partner with, but they also provide various solutions and resources to job seekers. Potential applicants are encouraged to reach out to recruiters on the team to discuss additional positions if you’re not finding any on the website. 

3. THC Staffing Group

thc staffing group logo

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4. Dark Staffing Solutions

dark staffing solutions logo

Dark Staffing Solutions is a full-service and temporary cannabis staffing agency located in Arcata, California. With its proximity to the Emerald Triangle and some of the best cannabis in the United States, Dark Staffing Solutions helps some of the finest legal businesses grow their brand.

On top of staffing, they also provide their clients with all of the necessary payroll services an expanding cannabis company may need. Dark Staffing follows every hire from the signing of the first contract to the last day. This helps businesses reduce turnover without spending endless amounts of time and resources on hiring and human resources.

5. Y Scouts

y scouts orange and grey hiring logo

Y Scouts is among the finest executive cannabis recruiting firms in the U.S. market. With a passion for transforming organizations and building people’s careers, Y Scouts connects skilled Cannabis candidates to reliable work. They believe that skilled talent is the most profound competitive advantage in business. 

Y-Scouts claims a large clientele base that ranges from medium-sized, family-owned businesses to large corporations and grow ops. Y Scouts is a purpose-driven firm focused on creating a paradigm shift in how firms recruit executives that increase value.

6. Viridian Staffing

viridian staffing logo in front of cannabis leaves

Viridian Staffing claims to be one of the industry’s first professional cannabis-focused staffing agencies. Located in Washington State, Viridian was founded in 2013 by an experienced executive recruiter with countless placements at some of the biggest companies in the U.S. Nowadays, Viridian’s client base spans across North America as well as South America and a rapidly growing number of European Countries. If you want an “OG” staffing partner in the competitive cannabis industry, Viridian is a great place to start. 

7. TruPath

With 15 years of experience staffing for a variety of industries, TruPath‘s team has in-depth expertise in providing clients with the right staffing solutions. To elaborate, TruPath’s mission is dedicated to assisting companies in finding culturally aligned talent that fits their client’s businesses. The staffing agency’s team has placed almost 17,000 ambitious candidates in positions ranging from entry-level to the executive suite. 

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