Popular Dispensary POS Software Systems

By Liam Noonan


A functional POS system is a must for dispensaries of all sizes and locations. They help you stay compliant, schedule deliveries, manage inventory, run promotions, and plenty more. We created this list to help you choose the best software system for your dispensary and its needs. 

All of these companies offer fantastic options, but depending on your individual situation, some will work better than others. Continue reading for the full list and review of each POS software. 

screenshot from meadow website

Meadow prides itself on offering an all-in-one dispensary platform with a variety of tools and resources to help you run your storefront. Their software will help you sell more cannabis with less work with integrated cannabis retail, delivery, eCommerce, CRM, and marketing platforms. A seamless dashboard gives account holders a way to easily navigate essential dispensary functions like inventory management, reports, inventory management, customer support, promotions, and more. 


  • Price: Custom quotes are available on the site
  • Pros: Large company with lots of resources
  • Cons: None we can think of 
screenshot from cova website

Cova claims to be the best-reviewed cannabis POS platform in the industry. They offer a pretty easy-to-use compliant cannabis software that allows companies to streamline all aspects of dispensary management. Much like Meadow, Cova’s integrated dashboard allows dispensaries to perform tasks like dispensary POS, inventory management, compliance, reporting, eCommerce/delivery, and cashless payments

An important benefit of Cova’s platform is automatic legal purchase limit monitoring, which helps keep your dispensary compliant. On top of that, Cova offers mobile queuing making sure your customers don’t have to spend any unnecessary time waiting for their order. 

  • Price: $349-$550+ a month based on individual needs
  • Pros: mobile queuing, purchase limit monitoring
  • Cons: price
screenshot from flowhub site

Flowhub is a well-known and established player in the world of dispensary POS platforms. They specialize in dispensary POS and nothing else, which makes them experts in the niche space. Flowhub claims its proprietary software will help you optimize your dispensary business resulting in increased revenue, simplified compliance, expanded operations, and better overall operational efficiency. 

One of the platform’s best features is an option for scanning IDs and checking customers in with any smartphone. If you’re looking for a system dedicated to supporting just your dispensary operation, Flowhub is a fantastic way to go. 


  • Price: $399-$500+ depending on features 
  • Pros: mobile Mobile ID verification/check-in and app integration
  • Cons: Price
screenshot from greenbits site

GreenBits markets itself as a complete cannabis retail platform helping you manage your dispensary and boost sales. For this software, the proof is in the pudding with 1,000+ dispensary locations utilizing the platform and an average of $4 Billion in sales processed annually. It’s also important to note that GreenBits was recently acquired by popular cannabis software company Dutchie

The company hopes you will choose it over competing platforms due to its premium compliance, data, and security integrations. 


  • Price: You can visit their website to schedule a demo and learn more about pricing
  • Pros: well-established platform
  • Cons: Does not provide support for growers and manufactures (not full seed-to-sale)
screenshot from biotrack website

BioTrack, now part of Forian, is a dispensary POS system that’s been serving customers for over 10 years and boasts over 2,000+ happy clients. Their proprietary software has everything covered from seed all the way to sale.

Their integrated dashboard includes tools that help cannabis companies with cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and dispensary point-of-sale. BioTrack can also helps businesses manage partnerships, state integrations, cloud servers, and various universal features. 


  • Price: Visit the contact page for more information and pricing details
  • Pros: Well-established platform and reliable data
  • Cons: Some legacy features need updating and Up-front costs 
screenshot from mj platform site

MJ Freeway, also known as MJ Platform is a subsidiary of Akerna Corp that offers a comprehensive seed-to-sale solution. They offer solutions to help you take care of cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, delivery, and MJ analytics. We view MJ Freeway as one of the leaders in the CannaTech space with a price tag that won’t eat too far into your bottom line. 

In partnership with Leaf Data Systems, MJ Freeway is able to operate the state-mandated track and trace systems for Utah, Washington, and Pennsylvania. This is another service with a business model focused on cloud servers rather than in-person hardware.


Price: Get a Quote 

Pros: Large reach across US Industry and portfolio of resources

Cons: Poor customer service

Treez.io is one of the fastest growing cannabis retail software companies with some of the best offerings for POS, integrated payments, data insights, and 24/7 support. Don’t just take our word for it, their impressive client list tells you everything you need to know. 

Some dispensaries that utilize the Treez software include Barbary Coast, Harborside, Sparc, Connected, CannaCraft, Airfield Supply Co., and Raw Garden. As you can see, they’re primarily focused on and serve the burgeoning California market. 

Price: Pricing depends on the chosen package

Pros: Software of choice for top California companies

Cons: Focused on the California market. 

IndicaOnline is a fabulous all-in-one POS system specializing in helping dispensaries boost sales, manage inventory, meet compliance, and respond to customers. More specifically, they offer one solution for cannabis dispensaries and another one for weed deliveries. 

You’ll love this POS system for its intuitive interface that’s easy to set up and use. All of your employees can hop right on the system with minimal training. If you’re looking for standard software to get you up and running, IndicaOnline is a great option.


Price: $249-$429+ based on the chosen plan 

Pros: Easy to use and state-compliant labeling

Cons: Limited customization options

Webjoint is a POS software specifically made for delivery and eCommerce services. Their impressive list of clients includes Sunderstorm, the Source, Bloom, and more. The platform and its integrations allow your business to track your ROI, expand your retail coverage, and gain access to retail networks. Webjoint is our recommendation for any business looking to boost their eComm and/or delivery revenue.


Price: Book a demo to learn more about pricing 

Pros: Helps you navigate taxes 

Cons: Lack of customer care support 

screenshot from 365 cannabis site

365 Cannabis offers a comprehensive, customizable POS that boasts an abundance of features. Features include automated inventory management, loss prevention, loyalty, promotions, and discounts. Their system provides your staff with a user-friendly interface that streamlines the sales process and optimizes the customer experience.

In addition to having one of the most reliable dispensary POS systems on the market, 365 Cannabis is a complete ERP solution, meaning that all your operational data is translated across your entire business in real-time. This ensures that your data is never delayed, and your company will have no issues maintaining compliance.

Price: Request a demo and learn about pricing here

Pros: Microsoft Dynamics integration and expert compliance support

Cons: all-in-one solution results in less customization


Dispensary POS systems can be expensive, but they’re a necessary purchase when building out your dispensary business. Unfortunately, that software can’t do all of the marketing for you. That’s where we come in. 

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