The Big List of California
Cannabis Distributors

By Liam Noonan - 10/2/22

California boasts the largest legal cannabis marketplace in the world and there are countless distribution companies working to meet the State’s needs. We researched the top companies to come up a list of the distributors with the best connections and knowledge to get cannabis products on shelves. 

Are you a cannabis farmer or dispensary owner in California and looking for a distribution partner to help grow your business? Check out our list of the best CA-based cannabis distribution companies and services in no particular order. 

Top 14 California Cannabis Distributors 

1. Nabis 

black and white photo of nabis truck

Nabis is a licensed wholesale cannabis platform with a massive portfolio of brands and distribution to all of the dispensary and delivery services in California. Their easy-to-use wholesale marketplace offers 2-day shipping to any retailer in California, live inventory updates, data-driven recommendations, and pre-negotiated supplier terms. 

If you’re able to get your foot n the door at Nabis, you and your business will be in good company. Their impressive portfolio includes brands like Plus, Nug, Buddies, Ember Valley, Bloom, Dosist, Sundae School, and plenty more. More specifically, every Nabis brand gains access to its inventory management, order scheduling/tracking, cash collection, and financing perks.

2. Radiant Distro

radiant distribution logo

Radiant Distro (formerly known as Cosmic Brands)is a cannabis company that offers full-service statewide product manufacturing, distribution, and analytics to California’s finest sustainable, equity, and legacy brands. When it comes to distribution, Radiant believes in partnership with a purpose. That’s why they team up with quality cannabis companies like Arcanna, Marley Natural, Woodstock Heritage Strains, Mendocino Grasslands, Wonder Extracts, and more. 

 “What we needed from a distributor was somebody who could get inspired by our products, believe in our mission, and give us the attention that we deserved. Radiant has exceeded our expectations. I read the reports they send me and it’s like, “Wow. How did that happen?” That’s epic for us.” -Chris Rodriguez, Arcanna Flowers

herbl logo

HERBL was founded by a former supply chain expert and the President of the UNFI, which is the largest natural food distribution supply chain in the United States. This strong background led the company to its present-day success with HERBL now the largest cannabis supply chain company in California. They partner with the State’s top-selling brands and deliver to over 850 dispensaries. 

Some of the benefits of partnering with HERBL include a best-in-class technology platform, safe climate-controlled delivery, full compliance, curated retail services, and a dedicated sales team. Visit their current brand’s page to get a better feel for the types of companies they partner with.

Humboldt Distribution located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle is a growing company with 2 exclusively distributed brands currently under its belt. Their services include transportation, testing, procurement, and full-scale supply chain management. True to their Humboldt roots, this distribution company is proud of its farmer first ethos. This also shows through in their mission to display honesty, transparency, and integrity. 

Check out their exclusively distributed brands Liv HUMBL and Humboldt Origins at a Northern California dispensary near you.

5. Emerald Supply Group

Emerald Supply group green and black logo

Emerald Supply Group specializes in distributing bulk Cannabis, “powering” top brands and manufacturers throughout the state of California. Touting an impressive track record buying and selling flower, trim, and smalls from over 1,000 farms to date, Emerald Supply Group is a one-stop solution for all your supply chain needs.

Whether you’re starting a new brand, growing an existing brand, or looking to fill gaps in supply chain, Emerald Supply Group has the highest quality indoor, mixed-light, and greenhouse flower at farm direct pricing.

6. Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms claims to be California’s leading and most trusted source for quality cannabis. They are committed to nurturing the body and soul and inspiring the mind by providing the world’s best sun-grown flowers and highest quality Cannabis products from the wild and beautiful, Humboldt County, California.

7. Humboldt Sun Grower’s Guild

photo from the inside of an outdoor greenhouse

Humboldt Sungrower’s Guild represents a growing network of Humboldt County farmers that have joined together to support each other through the ever-changing regulations and compliance issues Californian’s face in the cannabis community. By partnering with Humboldt Sun Grower’s Guild, you have access to our in-house brands, True Humboldt and Region, as well as private labeling, manufacturing, and distribution.

8. Bear Extraction House 


From its inception, Bear has been leading and defining the industry. Bear was the first to launch a full spectrum live resin cart, the first to offer live resin in a fully ceramic cart and the first to design and bring to market a low temperature battery so as to protect the natural terpenes in live resin. From cultivation to final distribution, Bear Extraction has you covered the entire way through. 

9. Green Ox Distribution


Green Ox connects each corner of the cannabis ecosystem via processing, distribution, logistics and co-packing services. Green Ox works hard to provide competitive pricing to ensure that processing and distribution is seamless and profitable for the Grower.

If you already have an existing buyer, Green Ox will transfer the product directly to the licensed buyer from the Green Ox facility for a transfer fee of $25/lb for flower, $5/lb for trim. Green Ox was founded by growers, for growers – our mission is to create and provide systems necessary for your continued success.

10. Trusty Distribution

trusty distro logo

Trusty was established in 2015 based out the beautiful Emerald  Triangle, Humboldt County. It all started with a family, a dream and a passion for cannabis and all of it’s healing properties. We strive to have the most affordable quality cannabis for every cannabis lover, with an array of products supplied to 250 retailers. Their esteemed group of brands include Bob’s Stash, Humboldt Seed Company, Cannatrust, Sunrise Mountain, and Ash & Ember. 


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