Top Cannabis Industry Podcasts in 2021

By Liam Noonan


Podcasts are an essential form of entertainment with everyone from celebrities to school teachers sharing their thoughts and stories through your earbuds. Odds are, you use podcasts to help get you through your day, commute, education, job, etc.

The cannabis industry is budding with entertaining and informative podcasts to lift your spirits and maybe even learn a thing or two. 

Continue reading to see our favorite cannabis industry podcasts covering topics like smoking weed, CBD, pop culture, stoner culture, business, investing, and more. 


feature image of the cannainsider podcast with host on front

 The CannaInsider podcast from Coloradan Matthew Kind is a must-listen for anybody interested in the cannabis industry. You’ll get timely insights and news from the cannabis, CBD, and Hemp sectors. 

Each week, Matthew Kind Speaks to new cannabis industry insiders, CEOs, influencers, and other figures in and around the cannabis space. Some recent guests include GrowGeneration Founder Michael Salaman and Yuki Miyashita of Leafly. 

The podcast reaches across all ends of the cannabis spectrum, but common topics include cannabis investing, cannabis law, ending the black market, legalization, and cannabis business management. 

Where to listen to the CannaInsider Podcast 

2. Weed + Grub Podcast

podcast hosts of weed + grub post while smoking joints

Weed + Grub is an entertaining podcast focused on cannabis, culture, cooking, food, and calling people out. Get ready to light up and chow down because you’ll get the munchies just listening to this one. If you’re looking for a lighthearted Cannabis podcast to get you through your commute, Weed + Grub might just be your solution. 

Hosted by Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer and cannabis culture writer Mary Jane (we checked and that’s actually her real name). Sit back, relax, and listen to the hosts get stoned while talking to high-profile celebrities. Past guests include Megan Rapinoe, Jim Belushi, Ron Funches, Trixie Mattel, and numerous cannabis industry professionals.

Where to Listen to the Weed + Grub Podcast 

3. The Green Entrepreneur Podcast

green entrepreneur logo

The Green Entrepreneur Podcasts is for anyone who has ever wondered how people leave behind their careers to find new success in the cannabis industry. Hosted by Jonathan Small, you’ll receive a weekly dose of inspiring stories from business owners who ventured into cannabis and never looked backed. 

The Green Entrepreneur covers everything you need to know about the green rush with recent topics around Delta-8 THC, NBA star Chis Webber’s cannabis fund, synthetic CBD, and an interview with rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Burner. If you want to learn something from your cannabis podcasts, we suggest giving the Green Entrepreneur a listen. 

Where to Listen to The Green Entrepreneur Podcast 


4. Pot to Popular Podcast

pot to popular podcast logo image with smoke font

From Pot to Popular gives you an inside look into how the world’s best entrepreneurs, executives, and journalists are working to bring cannabis to the masses. Join host Rosie Mattio, Founder of MATTIO Communications, for honest conversations about the trials and tribulations of working in and around the cannabis industry. 

Past guests include representatives and CEOs from companies like Agrify, Nugg, LeafLink, Jane Technologies, and plenty more. We highly recommend listening to this podcast for anyone that is remotely considering working in or starting their own cannabis business. This one will surely turn into a weekly listen for any weed industry nerd. 

Where to Listen to From Pot to Popular 

5. The Cannabis Science Podcast

cannabis science podcast logo with beaker and weed leaf

If you’re someone that likes to gain some big brain knowledge from their podcasts, the Cannabis Science Podcast may be the one for you. The show is entirely dedicated to answering your most salient questions about cannabis, its uses, preparation, products, technology, and more. Hosted by Dr. Ricardo Rivera, a faculty member at The University of British Columbia, there’s no better place to get your cannabis science news. 

You know you’re getting the right information as the host only uses proven scientific data from both industry and academic sources to form the research for each podcast. Don’t let the educational nature of the show turn you away because the host keeps it light and their motto is “The Science of Cannabis Made Simple.” 


Where to Listen to the Cannabis Science Podcast

6. Getting Doug With High

photo of doug benson with the workaholics

Stoners of all ages will likely recognize this podcast hosted by the lovable pothead Doug Benson. In Getting Doug With High, Benson gets high (surprise!) with a diverse range of guests as they talk about whatever comes to mind. The end result is a hilariously entertaining podcast you can listen to while lighting up your own joint. 

Some of our favorite past guests include Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross, Andy Richter, David Cross, and Liza Treyger, and Snoop Dogg. Even better, every episode is filmed and posted on YouTube for your stoned enjoyment. This is another one we suggest smoking along with and enjoying the show. 


Where to Listen/Watch Getting Doug With High 

7. The Adam Dunn Show

the adam dunn show podcast logo

The Adam Dunn Show is hosted by the one and only cannabis underground legend, Adam Dunn. Growing the culture since the 90s, Adam founded HempWorks, T.H. Seeds, and Hemp HoodLamb clothing in Amsterdam before eventually moving to Colorado in 2010. Adam runs the show with a cast of entertaining guests and hilarious anecdotes from Dunn’s 25 years in the cannabis industry.

The rest of the regular cast includes Mike Perez, Kyle Peters, and Dave Charnick who you can listen to or watch live every Friday afternoon at 4:20. If you’re looking for your first cannabis podcast to get your feet wet with, this may just be the one. Join Adam Dunn to start off your weekend a little early with a motley group of knowledgeable stoners. 

Where to Listen to The Cannabis Investing Podcast 

8. The Cannabis Investing Podcast

cannabis investing podcast logo

The Cannabis Investing Podcast hosted by Rena Sherbill and presented by Seeking Alpha is a must-listen for any weed-stonk nerds like ourselves. You’ll get a fresh mix of high-profile cannabis industry guests along with news from around the industry. Recent guests include the founders of The Parent Company, Jushi Holdings, Lowell Farms, and Planet 13. 

Rena Sherbill is a top-notch interviewer who forms relationships with her guests and is overall delightful to listen to. Changes around regulations, laws, medical innovation, and more happen every day within the cannabis industry. This podcast helps you grasp all of the details in order to invest like a cannabis pro. 

Before listening, make sure to understand that any investment carries risk, and nothing you hear on a podcast should be taken as absolute advice. 


Where to Listen to The Cannabis Investing Podcast 

9. Wine & Weed Podcast

photo of steelo brim and chris of the wed + wine podcast drinking wine and smoking weed

Fans of Rob Dydek may recognize the co-host of this podcast Steelo Brim. Along with guest host Chris Reinacher, and rotating guests, the crew dives deep into all of the important cultural issues of the week. Did we mention they record while burning a joint and finishing a bottle of wine each and every episode?  

This is another one you can listen to or watch online. Steelo Brim’s celebrity brings in some pretty impressive guests ranging from Terrel Owens and Iman Shumpert to Comedian Jo Koy. We suggest throwing this one on to help get you through the morning commute or sitting at home and partaking with the hosts.


 Where to Watch/Listen to The Wine + Weed Podcast  


Thanks for reading our list of the top Cannabis industry podcasts you can listen to right now. We hope you find a new favorite cannabis podcast! Podcasting is an amazing form of digital content that every business in the cannabis space could benefit from investing resources into. 

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