The Best Cannabis Subscription
Boxes of 2022

By Liam Noonan - 10/25/22

Cannabis subscription boxes have been around since the beginnings of legalization and they offer consumers a fun way to discover new products every month. With so many options to choose from it’s important to do your research and choose a subscription that fits your needs. Some legal rec States like California give companies the ability to ship actual weed, but for the most part, the options are limited to non-plant touching accessories and products.

Part of the allure of a curated cannabis box is not knowing exactly what you’ll get in each shipment. With that said, not all services are created equal. That’s why we reviewed the most popular options to provide a list of our 6 favorite services along with a detailed description of each. 

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Top 6 Weed Subscription Boxes of 2022

1. Nugg Club

nugg club stoner subscription box

Nugg Club represents the gold standard of the weed subscription box category, but it’s only available to California residents. What sets them apart is the inclusion of real weed rather than accessories. If you are lucky enough to live in the Golden State, Nugg Club offers premium cannabis discovery boxes full of sought after brands like Stone Road, Level, Sonder, and Cann.

Nugg Club offers one standard box option, but members can always customize their box with specific products from the company’s wholesale directory. Not only are these boxes always perfectly curated, but their also immaculately presented in high-quality packaging. At only $99 a month, these boxes are a perfect monthly treat for the high-end California consumer. 

Ships To: *California Only 

Price: $99 a month ($140 value) 

Box Types: One standard box with customization options

2.  The Lucky Box Club

lucky box club weed subscription box packaging

The Lucky Box Club is the oldest, fully-licensed continually run cannabis subscription box company and maybe even the world. The Lucky Box Club is a similar offering to the Nugg Club with its curated selection of highly sought after cannabis products from the biggest names in California. We love this option because they actually ship real THC products to users across California. 

After signing up, Lucky Box customers can customize their preferences to make sure they only receive products from selected categories. We also love the ability to reorder our favorite products a la carte from the Lucky Box website. Some of the brands the Lucky Box Club offers include Lowell Farms, Sherbinskis, Wyld, Kiva, Island, Old Pal, and plenty more. 

Ships To: California Residents

Price: Varies

Box Types: Customizable

3.  Cannabox 

Cannabox products showcased over a green background

The cannabox subscription does not offer products with actual weed/THC, but they are a premier option for those looking for bongs, dab rigs, grinders, cannabis accessories, and anything else a stoner could ever want. The monthly Cannabox packages are packed with 6-8 products carefully handpicked and curated by industry experts or special guest curators. Each month features a different theme, which adds even more excitement to the cannabox experience. Some past themes include nostalgia, 70’s, cozy season, and cali daze.

Ships To: all 50 US States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, and the U.K. 

Price: Starting at only $15.99

Box Types: Monthly boxes curated by theme

4. Hemper Box

hemper cannabis product subscription box

Hemper is one of the largest online headshops in the world, which means their subscription boxes carry a wide range of smoking products and accessories (minus actual weed). Customers can choose from their standard monthly curated box or you can choose from the selection of themed boxes curated by the Hemper team. Our personal favorite is the Gaming Flower Bong Box, which is perfect for all the Nintendo fans out there. 

Ships To: Worldwide

Price: $100-$250 based on box type 

Box Types: Multiple

5. The Daily High Club

daily high club stoner box unboxing

The Daily High Club offers three subscription box types perfect for the beginner stoner looking to build up a collection of affordable pieces and accessories. Their cheapest box called RAWsentials is just a friendly $9.99 a month and includes a variety of authentic RAW rolling products and accessories. If you feel like spending a little more, their El Primo Box filled with 10+ products a month at just $29.99. 

In our opinion, Daily High Club’s only drawback is the inability to customize the boxes. 

Ships To: All 50 States

Price: $9.99-$29.99 based on box choice

Box Types: Connoiseur V2, El Primo, RAWsentials

6. Stoney Babe Box (2)

The Stoney Babe Box is a monthly curated cannabis accessory subscription curated by women for women. According to their website, the Stoney Babe subscription is for women who admire hemp and love smoking. They offer 14 different themed boxes to choose from with products ranging from pink grinders and lighters to the cutest pipes you’ll find on the internet. 

If the aesthetic fits your vibe, we recommend giving The Stoney Babe a try. With that said the overall quality of the products leave much to be desired and you can’t customize the contents. 

Ships To: All 50 States

Price: $10-$39 a month based on box choice

Box Types: 14 themed boxes to choose from

7.  Smoke Cartel Subscription Boxes

opened smoke cartel subscription box over a black background

The Smoke Cartel Stoner Subscription Box is full of premium toking gear from the online headshop’s vast collection of smoking products and accessories. There are five different box types to choose from with the cheapest being “The Recruit Box” coming in at $19.99 per month. This one comes with all the essentials the entry level stoner might need like papers, small glass pieces, lighters, and filter tips. You can’t customize what comes in each shipment, but every box contains more than double their value in retail products. 

 As an added incentive, Smoke Cartel randomly selects one lucky subscription box each month to include one “heady” premium piece. These artistic pieces are often valued valued at over $500 making for an exciting unboxing experience.  

Ships To: Worldwide

Price: $19.99-$99.99 a month based on box choice

Box Types: CBD Subscription Box, The Recruit Box, The Cartel Box, The Executive Box, and The Boss Box 

Are Weed Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

Cannabis themed subscription box services offer customers monthly deliveries of weed paraphernalia and sometimes even actual weed (if you live in California). Some give you the option to customize and add a little self-curation while others let you choose from a range of themed boxes. Some of the most common products packed into these stoner care packages include head shop staples like lighters, small glass pieces, cleaning supplies, and grinders. 

Aside from the convenience of home delivery, consumers tend to choose subscription boxes for their affordable prices and promises of great values. These low prices take some of the risk out of ordering mystery packages, but it can sometimes also mean the quality of the products is lacking. 

Is a stoner subscription box the right option for you? We think that answer depends on a range of personal preferences, smoking habits, and even place of residence. Continue reading for a full review of our six favorite services to see if one resonates with you and your wallet. 

Final Thoughts

There seems to be a subscription box for every single kind of industry and cannabis is no different. Sadly, most membership services are limited to shipping paraphernilia rather than actual weed products with the exception of Nugg Club and Lucky Box Club. As more states legalize and with the hopeful removal of illegality from a federal level, we hope to see more plant-touching subscription options. For now that luxury is limited to those living in California. 

For now, these are our six favorite companies offering boxes for every level of stoner and budget. Did we miss your favorite stoner subscription service? Shoot us an email at

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