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We offer proven digital solutions to help you reach customers and build your online presence. Contact us for content marketing, cannabis SEO, and social media services

Our Cannabis
Marketing Services

We provide expert cannabis content marketing services that are SEO optimized and designed to reach your ideal target demographic. We believe content marketing is the most cost-effective way to educate your customers, gain traffic, and build an online presence.

We offer blog writing, website copywriting, email marketing, cannabis PR, marketing collateral, and more. 

Thousands of cannabis companies compete for the same top positions in the Google search pages. That means you need a dedicated SEO agency to help you stay ahead of your competitors and build a strong foundation for growing web traffic.

We offer on/off-page SEO, dispensary SEO, technical SEO, link building, site speed optimization, & SEO management

Cannabis, marijuana, and CBD companies need a strong social media presence in order to stand out from the crowd. We have the resources to grow your social following and foster a community of brand loyalists with photos, videos, educational content, product demos, and plenty more. 

We offer photo, video, social media management, social analytics reporting, and lead generation services.

Why Stoned Root?

We Know Cannabis

At Stoned Root, we study the ins and outs of digital marketing for the cannabis industry so you don’t have to. 

We Get You Results

We are a results-driven agency that prides itself on meeting goals, honest reporting, and building your online presence.  

We Are Value Driven

Working with us means teaming with pros that care about your business, giving back, and the future of the cannabis industry.

Grow Your Brand With Strong Roots

Reach out to us for a free consultation and website content/SEO audit. We can’t wait to help your cannabis company grow!